Monday, November 24, 2008

I got Jacked or as my mom would say "A que p*nche suerte"

I got jacked a few weeks ago.

It has only happened to me 3 times in all my lifetime.

When I was a kid someone stole my chopper trike (My neighbor)

When I was a teenager in Garfield High School (I went there for a few weeks after I got kicked out of Wilson for Ditching so much)

I took my moms video camera, one of those huge ones that we used to consider portable and made the decision to film my friends and I and what we did when we ditched....I was walking with my friends thru the park and after I spent about 15 minutes filming a mouse that was hidding underneath a bush....we made the decision to walk to our friends house at the projects that were close by.

I told my friends to walk ahead of me so that I could film them as they walked across the bridge over the freeway to the other side.

They did and in a great improvisational moment that made the decision to run instead of walk when they walked half way over the bridge.

I was so into this that I failed to see the guy creeping up behind me that said " Give the camera or I will kill you" ...I thought it was one of my other friends that had snuck up behind me when I turned around I saw that it was not my friend and some guy that looked at me like he meant what he was saying.....I always thought that he had a gun....but now I realize it must of just been a knife....

But in my moment of fear I made the decision that since my friends were nowhere to be found it would be in my best interest to hand over the my everlasting shame I did....(sorry had to steal that line from Count of Montecristo :)

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(THis is where I got jacked for my camera)

I just remember that after it happened I felt like I should of not given the camera up, I should of stood my ground and told him to f-off but I did not....I gave it up...but I did not get stabbed which would of been much worse.

I wish that I had an interesting story such as the one above for what happened to my cell...but I don't.

I was had just finished filling out a deposit slip at the credit union located inside the Walmart here in Arizona...and I reached down to get a deposit envelope...I set my phone down on the counter in front of me...(I remember telling myself don't forget your is on the counter) and then I made the must of been less that two minutes from when I left the counter and turned to make the deposit (The counter was right next to the atm)

but alas my Cell phone was stolen....right in front of me...I pride myself in being aware of my surroundings and the fact that nothing like this ever happens to me because I am careful....but stuff like this happens....

I asked around the store and of course no one found a Blackberry...I ran outside to see if I someone was acting funny but no one was....I gathered all my suspects and retraced my steps and found nothing......

Went to customer service and was told nothing had been turned in...

The cell phone is not what mattered to me, what mattered is the fact that I got jacked ....Me.

I cancelled my cell service and my new cell has been received ( I got the exact same one and same color also)..but what about my pictures and music and phone #'s.

I don't even bother to memorize any since the advent of cell phones and being able to save caller rolas are gone now...some p*to is rocking them.

I even had a phantom cell phone ring while shopping at Safeway ....I reached for my cell but it was not there....

Just more proof that I am Jinxed.


I received a call from this guy saying they found my cell the Walmart....I always lock my phone and have a code for it ...on the lock screen I put to call me if found for reward and they did.

They lived down the street and did not say who found it...I hooked em up with some feds and was happy to get my old cell and memory card back along with all my songs and pics.

I guess I am not as Jinxed as I thought .

Tamale season is in full effect and I will be documenting the process and posting pics soon.

Evilchavo Out.

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