Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When I was young I wanted to be a Ninja|Living in fantasy land

When I was young I wanted to be a Ninja.

I saw alot of tv in those days and loved....Loved action movies.

Especially martial arts movies....and most especially Ninja movies.

I wanted to be Sho Kosugi....the best ninja ever.

I would watch the movies over and over and imagine that I was a ninja and that no one would see me, I would imagine that I could things to people that picked on me.

I would buy martial arts magazines and in one of them I found....that Sho Kosugi had a Ninja shop in Monterey park.

On my birthday I made my mom and stepdad take me there and I bought some ninja gear.

I bought 2 Ninja stars, black and the other chrome and some disintegrating rice paper for my ninja notes (You put it in water and it turns to mush) and a mask (Of course) and some sleeves that cover the top of your hand(where you can hide your Ninja Stars) I lived in a Ninja Fantasy world.

I was thinking about this because I saw Kung-Fu Panda last nite and the Panda totally reminded me of me in those days......

I remember in the last days of Seventh Grade I showed everyone my dissintegrating paper and they thought it was awesome...and I even showed some kids my Ninja Stars...I even carried nunchucks under my members only jacket some about living in cartoon and movie land.

Luckily for everyone else I never had to use any of my weapons , cause I would of had the advantage being a Ninja and all. :)

Evilchavo Out.

And Now for your viewing pleasure....Sho Kosugi

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