Wednesday, November 26, 2008

El dia del Guajolote| What I am thankful for

Guajolote m. (Singular guajolote)

(Mexico, Central America) turkey

My dad always called tomorrow El dia del Guajolote (Thanksgiving day).

When I was growing up I was like dad ?Guajolote? Pavo Mijo....Turkey.O..o.k.

But my dad being from Totatiche...always used weird words that I never hear of...My mom used them sometimes..but I learned spanish two different ways.

My mom spoke more like a mix of caló and spanish and my dad Ranch and Spanish.

Like mom always says Chale(not acceptable) and Chido(Badass) and Chingon(A badass) and Filero(Knife) and Califas(California)...words like that.Look up Caló language to see what I mean

My dad uses word like Sensontle (Robin), Tecolote(Owl), Guajolote(Turkey).

I am thankful that my parents are so different, Because I learned how to be patient from My Dad and Hardcore from My Mom and from my stepdad I learned how to be the perfect dad and how to mess it all up......but because of them I learned how to find a happy medium.

I am thankful that I did not get shot in City Terrace when I was a kid.

I am thankful that I did not do so many drugs that I totally messed up my life.

I am thankful that I had some friends while growing up and that those friends for however amount of time where my friends were good. friends.

I am thankful that I saw my Grandfather before he passed away.

I am thankful that my brother saw alot of the mistakes that I made growing up and was able to learn and not repeat the same mistakes himself.

I am thankful for the Little Pumpkin and our family and the fact that even though I would of turned out all right on my own she managed to see the diamond in the turd and helped make me a million times better.

So I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day and were able to get some good deals on Black Friday....

It's Tamale time!
and Charlie brown time....Happy Thanksgiving!!

Evilchavo Out.

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