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Famous Enchilada Lasagna|Cooking with the Little Pumpkin and how you can make it also.

So, The Little Pumkin let me get in her way while cooking and let me take some pictures of her Famous Enchilada Lasagna ....Yum!!

Famous Enchilada Lasagna is a Lasagna that is made by the Little Pumkin that is made with all the stuff that you would usually make Enchiladas with.

So what you will need:

a) Ground Beef or you could use something else if eggplant or more cheese

b) Las Palmas Sauce (Hot or mild is up to you)

c) Corn Tortillas

d) Sliced can of Olives

e) Onion

f) Monterey Jack Cheese

g) a pot , a cheese grater (Or you can buy grated) 2 frying pans, a lasagna bowl or deep dish for the oven.

(You know what those look like)

h) Vegetable Oil

I am writting this post the way that The Lil Pumpkin cooks....

1) Brown the Ground Beef (you don't need anything to brown it, just brown it in its fat).....drain......put the ground beef back in the pot after draining and set aside.

2) Cut the onions (Freeze it the day before and it will keep you from crying, per Alton Brown) it works, set aside

3) Grate the cheese...set aside

4) Open the can of Olives and Drain....set aside.

5) Cut the Tortillas Squares.....cut the round parts off...

Keep the left overs for eggs and favorite.....kinda on the heartattack side but really good...I will post on how I cook that later.

6) Add 70% of the Las Palmas Sauce to the ground beef pot (that you set aside in step 1)add the sliced black olives (that you set aside earlier) and stir while heating up...turn off when the sauce starts to bubble, then set aside. (keep the other 30% Las Palmas sauce for later in the cooking)

7) In a frying pan..Fry the tortilla square until it's firm...golden...brown....set aside tortilla squares.

(I did not take pictures of this part,....must of been when I was making myself a ground beef taco with tapatio...limon and sal : )........basically you heat up the oil till its hot but not smoking then you fry the tortilla square....when fried you heat it up in the Las Palmas as below...Lil Pumkin does this all in one fry in the oil...then fry in the las palmas....then put in the lasagna shown below)

8) In the other frying pan you put the remainder of the Las Palmas Sauce (30% left over from step 6 )you heat it up.....then you dip the indiviual squares into the hot Las Palmas Sauce..then...

9) You take the lasagna pan (pyrex pan)

10)then you line the bottom with the fried ... Las Palmas Sauced tortilla make one layer.....

10) Spoon the Las Palmas ground beef (that you set aside in step 6) onto the layer of tortillas (cover completely) flatten down to make an even layer.

11) sprinkle chopped onions into the meat

12) add a layer of Monterey Jack cheese (that was set aside in step 3) to create a layer of cheese on top of the ground beef, cover completely.

13) then repeat steps 10-12 until you reach the top.

so layering is as follows.(As shown above)

bottom of pan =tortillas, then ground beef, then onions, then cheese,then tortillas, then ground beef, then onions, then cheese....etc...etc

14) Then bake at 350 (no pre heating needed) until cheese is melted and has nice golden crust approx 20-30 minutes depending on the oven ...but keep an eye on it.

15) Take out of the oven , let sit for 20 minutes or as long as you can stand it...then eat.


Thanksgiving is coming so lets see if I can convince The Lil Pumkin to let me document another one of her cooking things.
Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope that you enjoy cooking this for yourself and family.

In these hard times, it is good to know that many bellies will be filled with the warmth of The Little Pumkins Famous Enchilada Lasagna.

Once again, Thanks for the visits and hope you enjoy the food.

After cooking tell us how it went(Comment)...easy to cook? Taste as good as it looks?
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Looks good! We're gonna try it. Thanks.

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Way to go evil chavo. We are proud of you. LB