Friday, March 9, 2018

The world was at my disposal... Then it happened...I had a stroke.

Remember, remember it was October 16 2016 and I had a stroke.

I remember this...I was having sex with her and I finished my business.

I asked her for a cup of water, then fell to one knee I told her I was not kidding that I could not get up, to call a ambulance.

I was in the floor, I heard call the ambulance, I saw and heard them going back and forth with her.

They were taking about the way that they were going to get was a difficult job,I let myself grow to a ripe 385lbs... anyways they were trying to get me on the gurney when I passed out.

I remember some , more like a dream or nightmare...this is how I will start a beginning to write about everything that has happened to me...

Pictures I took in December, I was out of this world Oct - December , but that's another story for a different day. Evilchavo out...

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